Health Visit

Today saw our introduction to the health visitor, who came to check on Edward’s progress, and make sure that we are all doing well. She was very helpful, gave us plenty of useful reading material, and reassured Elaine that she and Edward are doing extremely well.

Elaine has been struggling a little with breast feeding, and the night feeds have left her feeling tired and frustrated; the health visitor assured her that she is doing extremely well, and that Edward is thriving. In fact, when she weighed him, we were amazed to see that his weight is already up to eight pounds, a gain of twelve ounces in thirteen days, so he’s clearly getting plenty of nourishment. The health visitor was only expecting him to be back up to his birth weight, so she was very pleased with his progress.

She also told us not to worry about occasional vomiting, as this is apparently quite normal. Unfortunately, she also told us about a condition that some babies, particularly boys, can suffer from as they get older, which involves quite violent projectile vomiting. Obviously Edward was listening to her and thought this was an interesting idea, as a couple of hours after the health visitor left, he decided to have a practice run, and hosed his mum and the sofa with curdled milk.

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