The First of a Million Visits

Today was our first trip with Edward to see the doctor, after he was sick a couple of times this afternoon. Elaine was worried that she was overreacting, but she phoned the midwife and they advised us to get him seen by the GP just to be sure. The doctor we saw was great. He examined Edward thoroughly, and reassured us that not only was there no sign of anything serious, but also that we weren’t being overly cautious getting him looked at. He told us to keep a careful watch on Edward over the next few hours, and to get him straight to hospital if he continues to vomit, as infants of his size don’t have the reserves of energy and fluids to cope with being repeatedly sick.

Since we got home at about five o’clock Edward has fed well and is now sleeping soundly. If he makes it to the next feed in a couple of hours without being sick then we can be pretty sure that his stomach has settled down again, and that he’s back to his usual voracious self.

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