Busy days, sleepless nights

The last few days have been by turns rewarding and exhausting, in about equal measure at the moment, though of course it is much easier to focus on the difficulties and overlook the pleasures, especially at four o’clock in the morning.

Edward is doing extremely well, and is now three ounces over his birth weight (one hundred grammes in new money), having gained about one ounce per day in the last three days. The midwife informs us that this is about the best we could hope for, so it shows that despite some early issues with feeding, he’s clearly getting enough nutrition. The amount of pooh he is producing backs up this theory too.

So far, the only issue has been the fact that he hasn’t allowed Elaine to sleep at night, demanding constant feeding and attention. This has left us both exhausted; Elaine from feeding and tending Edward, and me from tension and sitting for long periods trying to get him to sleep after he’s been fed, to give Elaine a chance to get some rest.

Yesterday was Edward’s first trip out in his pushchair. Elaine and I walked to our nearby Sainsburys to stock up on nappies, cotton wool and other essentials. Then on the way back, we called in to the Phoenix to show Edward off. Elaine was tired on the way home, but Edward slept through the entire trip, even when being bounced up and down curbs and over potholes.

The fresh air and new experiences seemed to help Edward sleep a bit better overnight, as we both managed to get a bit more rest. Elaine still had to feed him several times in the early hours, and to get him to calm down I sat with him on my lap for an hour or so until the dawn chorus started, but it was nowhere near as bad as the previous night, when neither of us managed more than an hour or so asleep.

We have realised that there are two Edwards; beautiful, lovely Daytime Edward, who sleeps peacefully, feeds nicely, and is generally a delight, and evil, miserable Night-time Edward, who wants food constantly, and never sleeps for a moment. Our hope is that, just like in films, good will triumph over evil, and Night-time Edward will be banished altogether soon.

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