Home at Last

Elaine and Edward are home at last. Although they were both fit and healthy when he was delivered, Elaine has been having some problems getting Edward to feed properly, so the midwives decided to keep them in for a few days to make sure that he was getting enough to eat.

He’s still giving Elaine some problems on the feeding front, but mum and baby are getting the hang of it, so they were discharged at about 4pm today. Elaine was going a bit stir crazy, and a busy maternity ward isn’t the most relaxing place for a new baby or mum.

Edward is a little bit jaundiced, which is apparently quite normal, but otherwise seems to be doing well. He was decidedly unhappy at being in a new environment, even though he slept soundly in the car on the way home, but has settled down after a few hours. The cat has had a look at him, and is still unsure what to make of the whole situation, so has decided that his best course of action is to stay well away for the time being.

Yesterday was saw our first exposure to explosive diarrhoea, when Edward managed to cover most of his lower body in the stuff. Apparently it was caused by Elaine having orange juice for breakfast (who knew?), which did make me wonder why they offer it to nursing mums in the first place if they know what the likely outcome is.

One thing we’ve learned that isn’t in any of the books, and no-one has thought to tell us: cut your fingernails, otherwise it’s very easy to scratch a wriggling infant when you are dressing or washing them. Maybe it was just so obvious that no-one thought it needed mentioning?

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