Attention to detail

Apple’s attention to detail is one of the things that separates OS X from Windows. Tiny touches that take time and thought to implement, are almost never seen, but make the whole Apple experience a little more user friendly.

One such example that I encountered recently was while applying system updates on my Macbook. I ran the Software Update application, and after the list of updates was retrieved, I was presented with a dialogue box stating that I was running on battery power, and that Apple recommend being connected to a power source before installing system updates.

This seemed like a reasonable request, so I popped the MagSafe connector into the socket. As soon as the power was connected, the warning dialogue box closed automatically, without my having to click “Okay” or “Cancel”. It would have been so easy for Apple not to have implemented this little feature, and no-one would have thought anything of it. But they went the extra mile, and it made me realise once again why I prefer Mac OS X to Windows. Windows tries to be user friendly by constantly interrupting with questions or advise. Mac OS just gets out of the way and lets you get on with it.

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