Bird brains

So, a few French ducks have got the flu, and now frightened UK pet owners are dumping their parrots and budgerigars. The National Parrot Sanctuary in Lincolnshire has had to take in 23 abandoned birds in a week, more than they usually receive in a year.

These pet birds are caged, indoors. Do the owners think that their parrots are letting themselves out of their cages at night, unlocking the front door, popping to the local park and swapping used handkerchiefs with the local wild birds? Just how do they think their birds are going to acquire this disease? A disease that has yet to jump the species barrier and be demonstrated as harmful to humans? Idiots.

These poor abandoned birds (some of whom have had frostbite from being left outside the sanctuary in the middle of the night by their caring owners) must be really pissed off that they have been kept in a cage by people who are less intelligent than they are.

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