Matt marathon

Tonight will be the first session of this weekends Aikido marathon at the Phoenix Aikido Club. This Sunday is the Dan (Black Belt) grading, and as always there are special classes on Friday and Saturday. This means a lot of time on the matt over 4 days, and it will be the biggest challenge to my fitness since returning to Aikido just over a year ago.

I attended the Intermediate (5th kyu and above) class on Tuesday, and the Advanced (2nd kyu and above) last night. Tonight’s class is 2 hours, tomorrow afternoon is 4 hours. The grading itself will probably take at least 3 hours, although most of that will be spent sitting watching the actual gradings. So if I make it through the whole weekend that will be a total of (reaches for calculator) at around 12 hours of Aikido within 5 days. Blimey. I don’t think I’ll be doing much running about on Monday.

Good luck to the folks going for their 1st or 2nd Dan on Sunday. It should be quite a show.

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