Quicksilver gets bigger claws

I have yet another reason to be excited about the arrival of Tiger (fingers crossed it gets here tomorrow). As well as all the goodies in the new version of OS X, a new beta of the indispensable Quicksilver should be available shortly after Tiger (officially) hits the shelves.

The developer of Quicksilver (who goes by the Nome de Plume “Alcor“) announced some time ago that the next beta would be a Tiger only release:

As the lure of Tiger APIs has been too great, the next version of Quicksilver will be the first Tiger-only release. 10.4 makes a stagerring amount of new technology available and it would be cruel to hold Quicksilver back.

Since that announcement, Alcor has clearly been hard at work on the new beta. Regular Quicksilver blogger Dan Dickinson has been poking about with a development build of the new beta, and has posted some nice information about the new features to whet the appetite of Quicksilver devotees like myself.

I am going to have to be really disciplined tomorrow and not start messing with Tiger until I’ve got my work done. Wish me luck.

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