Software update frenzy

Blimey! I ran Software Update from my admin account this morning and found 5 updates waiting for my attention:

  • iDVD 5.0.1 Update (2.6MB)
  • iMovie HD 5.0.2 Update (2.7MB)
  • iPhoto 5.0.2 Update (5.5MB)
  • iSight Update 1.0.3 (980 KB)
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 Update (51.3MB)

All these have installed without any problems. I did have to run the iSight updater manually after restarting, as the dialogue window got hidden behind the Software Update window; I didn’t notice it until I had already clicked the Restart button (if that happens to you too, just run the iSight Updater application in /Applications/Utilities/).

Out of habit, I ran the Repair Permissions function of Disk Utility, but it found nothing to fix, even after such a file writing frenzy. No doubt the MacSlash whingers will be moaning about needing to restart after the 10.3.9 update, despite the fact that restarting even my G4 takes less than a minute. Unless you are running a high load server, I see no problem in being forced to restart, especially if it helps to prevent instability after updating system components that are in use.

Overall, a painless set of updates (everything downloaded and installed while I was munching my Shreddies), and a great way to test the download speed of my new 1MB DSL connection. Woot!

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